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Predator Calling Contest


Contact [email protected] to confirm the information below.

Predator Contest Form 2022 

March 19-20, 2022 at 401 Main Street (Next to A2Z Taxidermy)

Registration: contact [email protected]

Hunting Begins: Noon on Saturday, March 19th

Weigh-In: Noon on Sunday, March 20th

Entry Fee: $200 Main Entry per team (Maximum members per team is 4) Pays 1st thru 3rd places (1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20% of entry fees)

$20 Each Side Pots: Heaviest bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, & most fox (No cap on side pots and winner takes all)

Point System: 100 Pts. Mountain Lion; 15 Pts. Bobcat; 10 Pts. Coyote; 10 Pts. Red Fox; 5 Pts. Grey Fox (Max # is 10/ not counted for side pot); 1 Pt. Raccoon
Contest Rules:
Must enter Main Entry to enter side pots; No refunds of entry fees after 12:00p.m. Saturday, March 19th; Maximum members per team is 4; All team members must be present at weigh-in on Sunday, March 20th; Land owner may be present but may not participate; No shooting from/across a public road; Only 10 Grey Fox will count towards main entry; Ties are broken with the total weight of all animals; All animals must be harvested between noon Saturday and noon Sunday; All animals will be checked for freshness; No trapped, Snared,Cage-Raised, or Frozen animals allowed - anyone bringing in such animals will be disqualified; No modifying the weight of animals in any way, no wet animals will be weighed/counted; Teams call animals with hand calls, lips, squeaking or electronics; No hunting baited areas, Trolling is legal (driving around while playing caller and/or shining a light); The use of any aircraft or dog is prohibited (Teams may use a tracking dog to locate a wounded animal, but not to hunt animals); No pooling of animals. Giving, exchanging, or accepting any animal from ANYONE during the hunt results in immediate team disqualification and the team will be banned from the hunt.; Participants may hunt anywhere in Texas; Teams are responsible for their own hunting land during the hunt; Teams may split up during the day on the same property, but must hunt together at night in the same vehicle; Each team is responsible for legal disposal of their animals; Each team must follow Texas Dept. of Parks & Wildlife Rules and Guidelines/ Violations of County, State, and Federal Hunting Laws will result in disqualification; Rules are subject to change without further notice from sponsors and/or contest personnel; The decision of judges in FINAL. (Judges may hunt in contest); All winning teams could be subject to polygraph test

*** Winner must be 18 yrs. of age, but can be awarded to parent or legal guardian; *** Winner subject to passing NICS Background Check


By my signature, I acknowledge that this program could involve some risk and I assume responsibility for my actions and for any injury

that may result from participating and/or watching, and that I also waive and release all other participants, the host, sponsors, volunteers, instructors, officials, Kimble County Chamber of Commerce & Junction Visitor Information, or other parties involved in the event from all claims and/or dam- ages/injury incurred in connection with this event. In addition, I grant the sponsors, instructors, and Kimble County Chamber of Commerce & Junc- tion Visitor Information the unconditional right to use the name, voice, email, and photographic likeness of me in regards to publications, advertising, and audio/video productions.
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