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Kayak, Canoe, & Tube on the Llano Rivers

Kayaking, Tubing, and Canoeing are some of the most popular activities tourists, visitors, and local community members enjoy on the North, South, and Main Llano Rivers in Junction, Texas.

The South Llano River flows northward to the town of Junction meeting the North Llano River at the City Park just downstream from the dam, creating the Main Llano River which then travels across miles of the Hill Country terrain and empties into the Colorado River.

When traveling south from Junction on Highway 377, there are two places where the road crosses over the southern tributary of the Llano River, otherwise known as the South Llano River. An eight- to ten-hour canoe trip back to Junction begins by launching at the first crossing. Some tubers have found the waters to be great fun between the first and second crossings.

The Main Llano canoe trip launches below the dam at the City/County Park. Drive across the South Llano River bridge and turn left (Days Inn Hotel is in the distance), then access to the County Park is on the left. Continue down as far as the road will take you in order to launch a canoe. The first public access will be Grobe Crossing, a six- to seven-hour trip. Yates Crossing is approximately two more hours.

River enthusiasts begin utilizing the spring-fed rivers from early Spring to late Fall each year. Junction has a number of outfitters ready, willing, and able to take your call for kayak, canoe, and tube rentals.

Drop you off at your desired starting point and pick you back up after the float trip is over.



Downloadable Paddling Trails Map (PDF)


Visit the business section of this web-page for kayak, canoe, and tube rentals or email [email protected] for information.


Longer canoe trips which require camping on the banks or gravel bars of the river are not recommended. There are two reasons why:

  • Being on or close to the river during heavy rains can be very dangerous. There are times when the area does not receive rain, but the rainfall up river will affect the level of the river downstream. If caught in rising waters, get off the river immediately and go to higher ground.

  • Landowner’s rights versus canoeist’s rights are not clearly defined as to who ‘owns’ the river banks and gravel bars. “The landowner’s deed determines where the property line is placed. To avoid confrontations, it is recommended visitors contact the landowner to gain permission to camp overnight at any location on the river,” according to the Game Warden. “However, if approached by a landowner, and asked to leave the premises, it is advised to move on down the river.” Only in emergency situations should you venture onto private property.


When it comes to tubing the river, just remember, what takes a canoe three hours to travel down on the river, will take at least twice as much time floating the river in a tube.

Tubing lengthy distances is not recommended. Suggested tubing trips are:

  • between the first and second crossings on the South Llano River (approximately 15 miles from Junction on Highway 377 south) This trip will vary in time depending on how you float it and can take up to 4 hours....just be prepared if you want to take this on, it is longer by tube than kayak.

  • within the boundaries of South Llano River State Park (park fees apply) This float trip is quicker and shorter, approximately 30-45 minutes and can be repeated if you want to do so.

  • beginning at Flat Rock Crossing (near Texas Tech Center) and finishing at the two privately owned campgrounds or the City Park.  This trek can be a longer, slower float. Fun, but it will take a number of hours to complete.

Any canoe service listed in the directory located in the front of this Visitor’s Guide can accommodate canoe excursions on the South Llano and Main Llano Rivers.

Many of the local convenience stores and service stations rent inner tubes; however, there is no shuttle available for tubing the river.

Things to know before you go...

  • Respect the environment. Take a plastic garbage bag with you and use it for litter. Then dispose of the garbage properly.

  • Respect private property. Approach the river only through public access points.

  • Take plenty of drinking water and sun screen.

  • Get current weather conditions before getting in the water. Website tx.usgs.gov will have the latest information on water levels.






(325) 446-2220

Located 6 miles south of Junction off Highway 377 on the South Llano River. Day trips or weekly rates. Drop off and pick up. Call for further information.



(830) 609-8836, (830) 609-8329, or (325) 446-3360

Owners Tony & Nina Boone, 315 US Hwy 377 South. “Leave a message and we will get back to you!”  Kayaks, including shuttle service. 



(432) 296-0831

Located at 302 Main Street, Junction, TX 76849, just a few blocks from Schreiner Park and the South Llano River. Kayak, canoe, tube, and paddle boat rentals. Shuttle services available upon request.



Complete River Outfitter, Rentals Kayaks, Canoes, Tubes, 126 Flatrock Lane, Junction, TX 76849.

(713) 397-5049 - [email protected] - www.paddlersporch.com




 2 blocks from Flatrock Crossing. 601 S. Llano St.