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The Junction Golf Course is known for its beautiful scenery, wildlife, and tranquility.  It is located at the foot of Lovers Leap, a scenic overlook of the City of Junction and the Hill Country Fairgrounds.

Volunteers worked tirelessly to build the 9 hole course in 1927. They had to raise money, remove rocks, clear trees, haul dirt and build ponds in order to sufficiently manicure the land for the beautiful golf course that is there today. The course is currently operated and maintained by the 60+ members of the Junction Golf Club.  All golfers are welcome to come and play!  Usually, no tee times are required, but you can call the clubhouse for more information at (325) 446-2968.  The course has lots of trees and ponds as well as Cedar Creek that cuts in and out of the course that make playing golf in Junction most challenging and exciting.


Below is an overview of the course. There are women's and men's tee boxes at every hole.

Hole #1:
The tee box is right in front of the clubhouse and is a par 5. It is 470 yards from the men's white tee box with a dogleg to the right.  There are out of bounds left and right on this hole.  If a ball is hit into the #2 fairway it is out of bounds to the right.  All cable fences are out-of -bounds on all holes.  There are two ponds near the green.

Hole #2:
Is a par 4, 247 yards. There is a small pond and a large grass bunker in front of the green to the left.

Hole #3:
Is a par 4, 370 yards which also doglegs to the right, with a large pond to the right. Oak trees surround the hole.

Hole #4:
Is a par 5, 398 yards and the pond comes back into play. To get to Hole #5: go back by the clubhouse; cross F.M. 2169; go down the small hill and you will be back on the course

Hole #5:
Is a par 4, 330 yards. The green is located across Cedar Creek with large pecan trees scattered in between. There is also a pond on the right, which can easily cone into play.

Hole #6:
Is a par 3, 142 yards. The hole is on the edge of Cedar Creek and it banks to the left, with a sand trap directly in front of the green.

Hole #7
: Is a par 4, with a long straight fairway of 322 yards.  It gives you the chance to grip it and rip it. The blue tee box is located among large pecan trees.  It is a tough driving hole from the blue tees.

Hole #8:
Is a par 3, 133 yards and is one of the most difficult holes on the course.  The tee box overlooks the creek, and the green is just beyond, surrounded by trees.

Hole #9:
Is a par 3,170 yards. The pond to the right of the fairway should not come into play, but a cedar tree and an out-of-bounds located on the left often does.



Course is open Wednesday through Sunday from 8:30a.m. to 6:30p.m. during the summer months. 

Closed Monday and Tuesday



$15.00 plus tax  - Weekends & Holidays (18 Holes)
Winter Months (Oct. thru Feb.) $10 plus tax all days



$10.00 plus tax per person for 18 holes



Current USGA Rules govern all play.

Keep carts off fairways and on cart paths.

All fences and cables out of bounds.

Replace all divots and repair all ball marks.

Allow faster players to play through.

Not responsible for accidents to person or property.

Golf shoes or tennis shoes are to be worn: NO BOOTS or SHOES WITH HEELS ARE PERMITTED.



The clubhouse is located on F.M. 2169 W.  Take the second exit from east or west I-10, and turn south.  When you dead-end at the bridge going into town, turn left-away from town.  Then just before going up the big hill, take a right, and you will see a sign for the golf course.

For more information and Membership information contact the Junction Golf Clubhouse at (325) 446-2968

No Reservations Necessary


There are soft drinks, gatorade and snacks available at the clubhouse

Players are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages and ice chests

Gloves, balls, tees, logo caps and towels also available at the clubhouse


P.O. Box 485
(325) 446-2968
e-mail: [email protected]