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Fishing - Catch the big one!


The North and South Llano Rivers offer an abundance of places to fish including the South Llano River State Park, the City Park in Junction, as well as several water crossings throughout the county. While visitors can fish while kayaking the river or sit on the river bank and throw out a line, fly fishing has gained populatity and the rivers that run through Junction offer great opportunity for visitors to try their hand at it. Fishermen/women can also contact property owners listed under the "Hunting" tab for exclusive fishing priviledges.

The Llano River is formed in Kimble County by the union of the North and South Llano Rivers. The main stream flows east through Kimble, Mason, and Llano Counties for approximately 100 miles where it joins the Colorado River and aids in forming Lake Lyndon B. Johnson. The Llano is a spring-fed stream of the Edwards Plateau and is widely known for its scenic beauty and recreational uses.

The South Llano and the North Llano River meet in Junction just below the dam in Junction City Park. The North and South Llano as well as the Main Llano Rivers have crystal clear waters with a wide variety of depths that accommodate activites from seining to setting out drop lines.

There are a variety of fish including the largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, perch, channel catfish, and the much sought after yellow catfish (flathead, op). Each year there are several yellow catfish brought in over the 50lb mark from the Llano Rivers. During the colder months the South Llano is stocked with Rainbow Trout by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

When planning your visit to Junction, pack your fishing gear and get ready to cast out a line for some relaxation and great entertainment for the whole family. Remember that a fishing liscense is required for those who are 17 years of age and up.

Check rules and regulations at www.tpwd.state.tx.us