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Birding Festival

South Llano River Birding Festival

There will not be a Birding Festival in 2021 due to COVID precaution.

Birding in Junction is encouraged throughout the year. Junction has ample areas including the South Llano River State Park to enjoy bird watching while safely maitaining distance from other birders. 


The following is being left on this website for interested birders to have an overview of how and what the Festival consists of from past events and in hopes of hosting it again in the future. 

  • Activities begin Friday evening with a “Meet and Greet” social at the Texas Tech Llano River Field Station.


  • Saturday morning activities will include a Breakfast with the BirdsGolden-Cheeked Warbler HikeBirding the RiparianBirding Around TownMist Netting and Bird Banding followed by lunch.


  • Saturday afternoon activities will include Birding Around TownBirding by Golf CartBirding the Riparianand a lecture titled Tweets, Trills and Whistles.


  • Concludes with a banquet dinner at the Texas Tech Llano River Field Station.


  • On Sunday morning all activities will be conducted at the South Llano River State Park.  Begining with Breakfast with the Birds at the Ranger Station followed by the Big Sit and Roving Guides.

Visit online to register and learn more about this year’s scheduled events!!

www.facebook.com/SouthLlanoRiver  or